‘13 Reasons Why’
“13 Reasons Why” lead character Hannah Baker may still be alive, according to one fan theory. Netflix

“13 Reasons Why” producer Selena Gomez and lead star Katherine Langford recently hinted at a possible second season for the hit Netflix series.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Gomez and Langford said that there are still more stories to tell about each of the characters. Langford added that there are a lot of cliffhangers that could be explored in future episodes. “There’s definitely more story to tell,” she said.

Langford also opened up about the struggles she faced while portraying the role of Hannah Baker in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She said that the final two episodes of the hit Netflix series were the most difficult ones for her to do. After all, they tackle very sensitive issues about rape and suicide. Episode 12 showed Hannah being raped, and even though she was obviously devastated and scared, Hannah never asked her rapist to stop.

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According to the actress, she had conversations with a psychiatrist regarding why rape victims can’t say no to their rapists. “There was a lot of discussion that went into that about how we were going to shoot it. When we did, I felt super supported and absolutely comfortable on set, but it was very strange because that act makes me sick to my stomach. It’s so sickening and it’s uncomfortable, and it’s ugly but that’s also why we needed to show it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Langford said that she felt especially emotional while filming Hannah’s final scene, though it was not necessarily because she died. The actress explained that she gave life to the character for the past six months so it felt like Hannah was an actual person she had gotten close with. In the end, Langford found it most difficult to let Hannah go.

“I felt very close to her and I felt like she was a person. The story is so personal that when it came to that scene, not so much the acting side of it, but more the having to let her go was really difficult,” she said.