A 14-foot-long python was "mercilessly" tied with a rope after being captured in Kondoli Kafitoli village of Kothiatoli in the eastern Indian state Assam.

Local media reports said the python had eaten four ducks and several other small pet animals over the last few days before it was caught by villagers. Officials said the snake moved into the locality from the nearby hills and was spotted at the house of a local villager.

Photos and videos published online showed villagers tying the snake with a rope in several parts of its body. The villagers also tied the mouth of the python with a strong knot. The snake tried to break free as it rolled around on the ground while the villagers tried to measure and weigh the reptile.

The forest department officials were informed about the python and they rushed to the locality to rescue the reptile from the locals. Later, the snake was released to a forest area, located near the Kondoli hills, by forest officials.

In April, a 7-foot-long python was rescued in Lower Assam’s Pathsala after the reptile was trapped in a fishing net. It is believed the snake got trapped in the fishing net when it entered into the human habitation in search of food. Residents handed over the rescued python to local police, who subsequently handed it over to the forest department.

This representational image shows a python on a tree inside his enclosure at the Dhupguri snake park in India, Feb. 8, 2006. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri