In a tragic incident, a teenager in India accidentally shot himself in the head while taking a selfie with a loaded gun. The young boy died on the spot.

The deceased was identified as 14-year-old Uvaish Ahmed, from Meerut, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The incident happened Sunday while the boy was posing for selfies with the loaded gun, police said. He was tinkering with the gun before he positioned it at his temple. He then pulled the trigger accidentally, Latest LY reported citing police.

Uvaish was hanging out with his elder brother, 19-year-old Suhail Ahmed, when the incident happened. However, Suhail did not witness the incident as he was out to get some snacks for both of them, according to the report. 

Investigators initially suspected that Uvaish was shot dead by a third person who fled the scene after the incident. But they later found out that the victim had pulled the trigger by accident.

"Suhail, the victim's elder brother, was recently lodged in jail in a theft case and had criminal antecedents. The firearm perhaps belonged to him. Investigations are on to ascertain how Uvaish got access to the weapon,” Arvind Chaurasia, a senior investigating officer said, as reported by The Times of India.

Meanwhile, the victim's father said Uvaish had no criminal history and did not have any enmity with anyone. "My son did not have any enmity and I'm in a state of complete shock," he said after the boy's tragic death. handgun-231696_1920 Representation. A gun, Photo: Pixabay

Last month, a 30-year-old man in the Indian state of Karnataka accidentally slipped and fell into a waterfall while taking a selfie. The man, identified as Pradeep Sagar, miraculously survived the ordeal and only suffered minor injuries. Sagar was visiting the Gokak waterfalls with his friends when he fell 140 feet down into a gorge while taking a selfie near the viewpoint.

Police could not find Sagar during an initial search, but he contacted his friends from his phone the next day, informing them that he was safe. Police then located Sagar and took him to a hospital where he received treatment for his minor injuries.