kid movies on netflix
Eric Lloyd as Charlie and Tim Allen as Scott Calvin/Santa Clause in 1994’s “The Santa Clause,” now available on Netflix. Walt Disney Co.

Christmas movies are all over TV during the month of December, but that doesn’t mean there will always be a family-friendly movie available for viewing. For those looking for a classic holiday film for their kids to watch one week before Christmas, consider streaming one of the following titles on Netflix.

  • “Christmas Here Again” - An orphan and her friends help Santa Clause before Christmas.
  • “Disney’s Mickey’s Magical Christmas” - Mickey and his friends throw a party to get Donald Duck back into the holiday spirit.
  • “The Christmas Bunny” - A foster child takes in a hurt rabbit on Christmas Eve and get a helping hand for an animal shelter.
  • “Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure” - Beethoven tries to save Christmas when an elf crashes Santa sleigh and loses all the toys.
  • “The Santa Claus” - An executive (Tim Allen) turns into Santa Claus after St. Nick falls off his roof.
  • “Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas” - A young girl visits her school’s attic and discovers the mysteries of a lost Christmas.
  • “Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas” - Scrooge McDuck isn’t a fan of Mickey, Minnie and the gang’s holiday spirit. (“Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas” is also available to stream.)
  • “Abominable Christmas” - Abominable snowmen spend the holidays with a human family while being hunted by a scientist.
  • “My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas” - Minty visits the North Pole after breaking the candy cane that leads Santa Claus to Ponyville.
  • “Casper’s Haunted Christmas” - Casper is tasked with scaring at least one person before Christmas.
  • “Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas Thomas” - Thomas searches for the grandest tree while his friends sing the Snow Song in hopes of a white holiday.
  • “Hercules Saves Christmas” - A kid on Santa’s naughty list gets help from his talking dog Hercules days before Christmas.
  • “Bob the Builder: White Christmas” - Bob the Builder saves the day when snow strands Farmer Pickles on Christmas Eve.
  • “The Christmas Project” - Four brothers band together when they learn they have to give gifts to their school bullies.
  • “My Dad is Scrooge” - Two kids reawaken the Christmas spirit in their workaholic father with the help of some talking farm animals.

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