Jacksonville, Florida -- A teenager has been arrested for holding six people hostage in a Florida home.

Caleb Seth Boone, 15, is facing a minimum felony charge of false imprisonment in connection with the incident that took place in Jacksonville. The sheriff's deputies received reports about an armed subject holding hostages at a home in Oceanway early morning Saturday.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office SWAT team responded after obtaining an arrest and search warrant, according to Live5News. The six people who were held hostage included children as well.

Boone was not a resident of the Oceanway home. It was not clear what was his relationship with the occupants of the house, the sheriff's office said.

The SWAT team was eventually able to safely remove the teenager and the hostages from the house. The teen was taken into police custody. Officials believe he was armed at the time of the incident.

Boone's motive was not unclear.

"His name is Caleb Seth Boone," Lt. Shannon Hartley told WJXT about the suspect. "He is a white male, 15 years of age. He had numerous outstanding custody orders, and he will be facing, at very minimum, a false imprisonment charge."

The sheriff's office said it was not Boone's first offense and that he had several run-ins with the law in the past.

"My understanding is he has a lengthy criminal record. I can definitely tell you, it's not our first interaction with him," Hartley added.

Neighbors claimed the house had a troublesome past. One woman living in the area said she has seen random people entering and leaving the house.

One neighbor reportedly heard someone saying "Caleb, please come out" over the loudspeaker as law enforcement officials took control of the situation.

Deputies said nobody was injured during the incident.

In an unrelated incident reported last month, a woman who was held hostage was rescued after she sent out a plea for help through a food delivery app. "Please call the police…," the victim wrote while placing the order for a breakfast sandwich on the Grubhub app. She was rescued after the restaurant informed police.

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