A 15-year-old girl has ended up in police custody after she allegedly poisoned her father and siblings to death. Police said the teen was "punishing" her family members for reprimanding her.

The shocking incident happened in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on July 28, reported The Times Of India.

The girl reportedly added a chemical weedicide to the food consumed by her father, 6-year-old younger sister and 16-year-old elder brother. All three family members fell ill immediately and were undergoing treatment at a local hospital. While the father died on Aug. 4, the siblings, Rachit and Ankita, died on Aug. 8.

The poisoning deaths were reported to the police by a local representative. Family members, including the girl and her mother, were questioned as part of the investigation on Monday, after which the shocking truth came out.

"Investigations into the food poisoning incident where three family members died between August 4 and 8 revealed stunning facts, and it has now come to the fore that a minor girl of the house had plotted the killing of family members," a senior police official told The Times Of India.

According to the police, the girl, a juvenile, was angry at her brother and parents for asking her to do household chores. She was also upset after an incident where she was rebuked and thrashed.

On the day of the incident, she procured a weedicide and added it to the vegetable dish prepared at home. Though her younger sister did not want to eat, the girl forced her into consuming it. The accused avoided touching the dish herself and had just rice and pickle instead.

All four, including her mother Geeta, fell ill soon after having the meal. The mother, however, survived. The teenager also allegedly served the poison-laced food to two of the domestic goats. It is not clear whether the animals survived or not.

Police said once the investigation began, the girl's behavior aroused suspicion. Following this, the officers kept a close watch on her.

After she confessed to the crimes, her mother filed a complaint with the police against her for the murder of her family members.

Representational image. A teenager poisoned her family members to death. Pixabay