A teenage girl in Russia died after she went to bed without telling her parents that she had been stabbed in the chest.

15-year-old Elizabeth Kindsfater sustained knife wounds to her chest after she insulted a classmate in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

A local source told Mirror UK that Kindsfater was involved in a brawl between three groups of boys and girls. Amidst the fracas, a male classmate ended up stabbing Kindsfater.

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It added that the boys had been drinking the night before, but it was unclear whether the girls were also intoxicated.

Despite her wound, Kindsfater managed to go home by herself. But Instead of telling her parents about her injury and the brawl that had happened, Kindsfater went directly to bed, said the Daily Star.

Kindsfater's parents found her unconscious inside her bedroom later that night and she was rushed to a hospital. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to revive her and was pronounced dead shortly after she arrived.

Authorities have arrested the 16-year-old who allegedly stabbed Kindsfater. They also found a blade at his home that appeared to match the one used in the stabbing.

Forensic officers are analyzing the weapon to determine if it was indeed the same that was used to kill Kindsfater.

“For now, we have reason to believe that the schoolgirl was killed because of her animosity between the victim and the suspect after she insulted him,” said a police spokesperson.

Kindsfater's untimely death came after police arrested 63-year-old Oleg Sokolov after discovering the remains of his postgraduate student, Anastasia Yeshchenko inside his backpack.

The St. Petersberg State University history professor was first rescued by law enforcement from the Moika River and was later taken to custody, said People.

Russian authorities found more of Yeshchenko's body parts inside the home of Sokolov, as well as in the river.

Following Sokolov's confession, lawyer Alexander Pochuyev said that his client has signed a plea bargain deal.

“If such a heinous crime, which my client has confessed to, did take place, it had been committed under the influence under the influence of strong factors, possibly pathologic intoxication or temporary insanity,” said Pochuyev.

Authorities believed that the 24-year-old Yeshchenko have been romantically linked with Sokolov.

Police also found a handgun inside the suspect's backpack.