The Duggars are back! TLC premiered Season 9 of “19 Kids and Counting” Tuesday, and as advertised, the episode, titled “Jill’s Secret,” did not disappoint.

The new season kicked off just two weeks after Jill Duggar’s wedding to Derick Dillard. In the premiere, Jim Bob and Michelle started planning their third eldest daughter Jessa’s wedding to Ben Seewald. Viewers will remember that Ben, 19, proposed to Jessa, 22, last season.

Jill, 23, who now lives with Derick, 25, in one of her parent’s rental home, said she is settling into a life as a newlywed. “Married life is excellent… We love being married,” Derick shared. 

While Michelle admitted she misses having Jill at home, that didn’t stop the matriarch from planning her next daughter’s walk down the aisle. With less than three months to go until Jessa’s wedding — the show was taped months ago, the couple tied the knot in Arkansas on Nov. 1 — Jessa and Ben had a meeting with Michelle to plan their nuptials and reception.

Unlike her sister Jill’s lavish wedding, Jessa revealed she was planning a more simple and budget-friendly affair. The bride-to-be said she wanted her reception to take place at her parent’s home. As for the menu, she said her 1,000 guests would be served ice-cream and sweet tea, no wedding cake.

“Jessa definitely has her opinions on how things should be done,” Michelle said. “I’ve figured Jessa’s going to want things to be more simple and to the point."

Amid their wedding planning, Jessa and Ben took a moment to check out their new home. The couple announced that following their wedding they will be renting a home owned by Grandma Duggar. Viewers will recognize the home as it was first lived in by Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest son Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna. While Jessa and Ben appeared thrilled to be moving into the cozy abode they did find one major issue with the home: mold.

“I kinda have a few allergies, so I’m not really big on mold. It’s not my favorite thing,” Ben joked.

19 Kids and Counting Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard (R) after announcing their pregnancy to the Duggar family in the Season 9 premiere of "19 Kids and Counting." Photo: TLC

While Ben and Jessa were in wedding planning mode, Jill and Derick had their sights set on starting a family of their own. After hosting a sleepover for several of Jill's younger siblings and shopping for baby clothes, Jill shocked her family by revealing she is pregnant during their evening bible study. Jill is due to give birth to her baby boy in March.

"Yesterday, I kinda took something. Stole something," Jill admitted to her family. "We were over here yesterday and I took something from my mom... out of her bathroom cabinet."

Derick elaborated, saying, "We had taken a couple of pregnancy tests earlier and they were negative... We actually found out that it was positive yesterday. We're expecting!" 

The Duggars reacted to the pregnancy announcement with smiles and cheers. 

"I am so thrilled about being a grandma again," Michelle said. "I just love, love, love being a grandma and I think it will be really fun to watch Jill as she goes through each stage of her pregnancy."

"Our family is expanding," Jim Bob said. "They work faster than we do. They're at 30 days and they're already expecting their first child, our fourth grandchild."

"19 Kids and Counting" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.