• The dogs were out in the backyard for a stroll when the attack occurred
  • One of the owners believe the coyotes were "hiding in wait"
  • The third Chihuahua survived the attack with a puncture wound

Two family dogs were killed in a horrific attack by coyotes that are believed to have hidden in the backyard of a California home.

The deadly attack, which was captured on security cameras, took place at a Granada Hills home along Encino Street on Dec. 11. The Wynn family had just let their three small dogs into the backyard for a stroll when the wild animals swiftly made their move.

Doug and Tamara Wynn, owners of the dogs, said their daughter witnessed the attack when she went to their backyard to check on the three Chihuahuas, ABC7 reported.

Based on the security video accessed by the outlet, one coyote scaled a 6-foot wall to attack the small dogs when the daughter screamed back into the house.

"She came back in for a second and went right back out," Tamara said, according to KTLA. "Didn't hear anything, but she saw one of the Chihuahuas in the coyote's mouth, hopping over the fence."

"When my daughter came back out and started screaming, they ran in this direction and over the wall," Doug told the outlet. "I think they were stalking them and figured out these animals are out there this time every day."

Tamara believe the wild animals were "hiding in wait" and then attacked their dogs.

Two dogs, named Gizmo and Salem, were killed in the attack, while the third Chihuahua, called Ella, managed to survive with a puncture wound, Sacramento Bee reported.

The family pointed out they often see coyotes on their street and it has become a common sight across the neighborhood.

"We want everyone to know that even if you look, you have to go out there, make sure that there aren't anything hiding before you let your dogs out," Tamara suggested, as per KTLA.

This incident came days after a wild coyote was euthanized after it attacked a 2-year-old girl in front of her Los Angeles home. In an unprovoked attack on Dec. 2, the rogue animal ambushed the toddler as she was getting out of the car and knocked her to the ground. The animal attempted to drag the toddler away when her father locked the vehicle outside their home.

Representative image of a chihuahua pixabay