• Jessica Miranda Coffey and Luke Norman were arrested on first-degree child abuse
  • The couple is expected to face additional charges
  • Coffey's other children have been placed under state protective custody
  • The 2-month-old victim remains in the hospital

In a tragic case of child abuse in Georgia, a 2-month-old baby was hospitalized with more than 27 fractured bones.

Lamar County Police arrested the baby's mother, 30-year-old Jessica Miranda Coffey, and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Philip Luke Norman, on charges of first-degree child abuse. According to a report from local news outlet KTVU, the couple could face more charges as the investigation is ongoing.

The abuse came to light after the infant's mother brought the little girl to Wellstar Spalding Regional Hospital in Griffin. Medical examination revealed that the infant had at least 27 bone fractures caused by blunt force trauma. The physicians then alerted the local authorities, reported Griffin Daily News.

The couple was interrogated about the child's injuries right away. However, they claimed that they knew nothing about the fractures. Investigators have not determined the exact cause of the broken bones but have confirmed that the child's wounds were both old and new, with some of them in the process of healing.

Coffey works as a waitress while her boyfriend Norman is a mechanic. Both are residents of Milner in Lamar County.

The investigators have removed Coffey's other children from her care and placed them under state protective custody. Meanwhile, the 2-month-old baby remains in Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

baby-1866623_640 (2)
The medical examination revealed that the infant underwent blunt force trauma resulting in multiple bone fractures. pixabay

In a similar incident in South Carolina, a couple was arrested after their 3-month-old twins were hospitalized with severe injuries, including skull fractures, cigarette burns and bite marks. The police arrested 31-year-old Kentovian White and 23-year-old Jessica Mills on two counts of charges of inflicting great bodily injury upon a child.

The abuse was discovered when one of the twins was hospitalized due to injuries. The police soon identified that the injuries were consistent with abuse. They managed to trace the infant's twin sister and discovered that the child also had abuse-related injuries.