Makena, a two-year-old girl, is perhaps the youngest singer to go viral on YouTube.

The video in which the toddler is seen singing Adele's Someone Like You, has already crossed 6,698,013 views at the time of writing this article and the numbers are rising by the minute. The video was posted March 6.

The video has the adorable toddler singing along with the hit song being played in the background and she misses a word here and there. It is shot by her parents and they, hardly being able to contain their laughter, can be heard occasionally too.

The cute girl, dressed in pink, sings with all the dedication and seriousness that she could possibly put in.

Someone Like You from Adele's second studio album 21, became her first number one single in the UK, and it had stayed on the top of the chart for five weeks.

A Grammy award winning song, it is known to be inspired from the singer's broken relationship and her coming to terms with it.