Nazca Lines, the most outstanding group of geoglyphs in the world are one of the mysteries to which man has still not found answer. Imprinted on the surface of the desert pampa sand are about 300 hundred figures made of straight lines, geometric shapes and pictures of animals and birds - and their patterns are only clearly visible from the air.

According to, the high desert of Peru holds one of the most mystifying monuments of the known world: the massive-scale geoglyphs known as the Nasca Lines.

The patterns of the lines range from designs of different animals to human-like forms. The designs cover really vast areas and the shapes are visible only from the skies. It leaves the modern generation with mystifying questions like why were the shapes made before the documented invention of human flight? Does it mean that human beings touched the sky even before the our time?

Researchers are yet to conclude the purpose for which these stone structures could have been made. Although there are assumptions that they could signify a place of worship or places with ritualistic importance, nothing has been established so far.

Check out the pictures below of the Nazca Lines in the shapes of animals and human forms completed centuries ago with precise perfection.