An elderly couple is saddened after their two dogs fell prey to their relative, 21-year-old Douglas Usgaard's cruelty. The two dogs were the only beloved companions of them.

Douglas supposedly killed 14-year-old Labradoodle, Trina, and 13-year-old Shi Tzu-bichon mix, Maz by hacking them with an axe. It was a heinous crime to say the least and police are investigating what prompted Douglas to commit it, Shared reported.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, this was not the first time Douglas meddled with law. He was known to have already been serving a punishment for stealing 2 iPhones from a stadium. Further, he was also arrested for drug abuse in another incident.

It was back in 2015 when the police were supervising routine traffic when they found Douglas in his car driving under the influence of Marijuana combined with some other drugs. Police immediately arrested him for violating the law.

The two slain dogs belonged to some elderly relatives of Douglas with whom he was staying over for a few days. Labradoodle and Shih Tzu, the beloved dogs of the couple that lives in Decarah, Iowa, U.S., were very charming to look at.

Police has taken Douglas into custody on Saturday after he allegedly hacked the two dogs to death. The elderly couple is deeply resenting their decision of inviting such a violent person. Douglas is now booked for two counts of animal torture.

Douglas's relation to the owners of the dog and his employment status were both shrouded in mystery. His crime, when disclosed on social media, attracted a lot of flak from the internet users.

A user, Donna Moss Kitchens, wrote on Facebook, “If he messed with my dogs or cats, he just might have been met with an eye. for an eye unless he got away quickly. I don't put up with that. If someone's is stupid enough to harm my Grands and I would have to hunt them down. Debbie Coop did not mince any words when she wrote: He needs a bullet. Another person, Carmita Bell called Usgaard a "sick b*****d."

Douglas, who is in police custody right now, is awaiting his sentencing and his first arraignment will be scheduled very soon. He will now have to serve a sentence for grisly killing of the animals along with violating the conditions associated with the previous offense.