It's no secret that mastering a programming language is a ticket to success in a fast-paced digital world. Without them, we wouldn't have the application software and internet browsers we need for work, entertainment and everything in between. So yes, the demand is absolutely high and the good news is that you don't need to finish a four-year IT course to be good at coding.  

To learn a particular programming language, you'll need to enroll in online platforms that can help you learn the skills needed for future jobs. Among these platforms is Simpliv. Simpliv offers over 4,000 recorded quality courses and bundles from experts around the world that can be learned anytime at your own pace. These include programming language courses that can boost your likelihood of getting hired by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, JP Morgan and other top corporations.

Undecided so far? Then here are the top 3 programming languages that not only should you learn, but will increase your chances of getting a job in the long term:

1. Python

Python source code programming Python source code Photo: Johnson Martin/ Pixabay

A 2019 Stack Overflow developer survey ranked Python as the "most wanted" programming language of the year, and it's not hard to see why. Simple and neatly written compared to other programming languages, it is a good, beginner-friendly choice even for those taking non-IT jobs. Python is also a must-learn for those specializing in machine learning and AI projects and research, and is popular among backend application developers via the Django framework.

If you wish to master Python to amp up your career prospects, then you can start by taking Simpliv's From 0 to 1: Learn Python Programming course. It requires no programming experience to start, and covers everything from basic programming to machine learning techniques. Through this course, you will learn complex text processing, file creation, management and manipulation, Object-oriented Programming concepts, simple machine learning and natural language processing.

2. Java

Java source code programming Java source code Photo: Evgeny Ignatik/ Pixabay

Java is among the most popular programming languages used, with over 29,000 jobs for Java developers in the U.S. alone. That is not surprising because it is used to write tens of thousands of projects, ranging from large-scale enterprise software applications to mobile Android apps. In addition, Java also boasts a huge support community; when you start learning Java, there are a lot of resources, forums and books that can help you along the way. 

Like the From 0 to 1 Python course, Simpliv's Java Programming for Complete Beginners in 250 Steps teaches you programming basics such as variables, choosing data types and loops, as well as Object-oriented Programming basics and concepts and even the basics of Multithreading. Simpliv's Complete Java Programming Bundle offers similar lessons, but with the addition of one that teaches you how to build a graphical user interface (GUI) for apps.

3. JavaScript 

coding programming software Engaging in coding projects can increase your chances of getting hired. Photo: Boskampi/ Pixabay

For the 7th year in a row, JavaScript was ranked as the most popular scripting language in a 2019 Stack Overflow developer survey. Like Python and Java, it is used in building web, mobile and desktop applications of various types. However, it shines the most in web and mobile development; alongside React Native, JavaScript can be used to build cross-platform mobile apps. These apps negate the need to build a separate app for iOS or Android devices and maintain two different source codes, saving valuable time and resources. 

If you're interested in learning JavaScript for both web and mobile development, then Simpliv's Modern JavaScript: Getting Started course is for you. It teaches you how to write and test JavaScript code, link said code to a web page, declare variables and manipulate their values, and create user-defined objects. In addition, it also gives an overview of the Document-Object Model or DOM, and helps you not only select and modify DOM elements, but also create event handles that respond to user actions.

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