A woman in Florida was arrested for child neglect for allegedly locking three young children along with dogs inside a filthy room filled with feces. A man was arrested last week in connection with the same case.

Fayonna Hixon of Pensacola was taken into custody Monday following the arrest of Christain Parson on Feb. 18, Pensacola News Journal reported.

On Dec. 30, 2020, deputies from the Escambia County Sheriff's Office responded to the Pensacola apartment on an "unknown problem."

The responding officers saw a "young infant" trying to put her arm and head out of a second-story broken bedroom window that had sharp glass edges, the arrest report stated.

After no one answered the door, the deputies, who were concerned about the child's safety, decided to enter the home without permission, Pensacola News Journal reported.

An officer climbed through the window and saw three children inside the room. The officer also found two malnourished dogs covered in feces locked inside a cage in the same bedroom. A newborn puppy was also lying nearby on a pile of dirty clothes. It was not clear how old the children were. 

The room was filthy and was stinking due to the feces and urine spread on the floor and over the walls.

The door seemed to be locked using a cable of a phone charger, which was tied around the doorknob and connected to a closet door handle on the adjacent hallway, ABC-affiliated WEAR-TV reported.

According to the report, there was "no one in the residence except three children." All the children were wearing only diapers.

During further search inside the house, officers found three huge glass jars filled with marijuana in the living room, which was in plain sight and at a place that was easily accessible to the children. Another large jar of marijuana was found inside a closet. In total, 550.2 grams of marijuana was seized from the home.

Officers immediately contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families who took custody of the children. The Escambia County Animal Control was also informed, which dispatched officers to the scene and took custody of the dogs, WEAR-TV reported.

The deputies found letters in the apartment addressed to Parson and Hixon. However, their relationship with each other and the children were unknown.

Parson was arrested last Thursday and was charged with three counts of child neglect and possession of marijuana.

Hixon is facing three counts of child neglect. She could face additional charges considering the large amount of marijuana seized from the house and also for the multiple malnourished dogs in the house, Assistant State Attorney John Molchan told the News Journal.

Hixon is currently booked into the Escambia County Jail with a $300,000 bond.

handcuffs-354042_1920 Representational image Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)