• Three UFOs flying in formation were spotted in Arizona
  • One of the UFOs produced a bright flash before vanishing
  • A UFO expert believes the UFOs were military alien vessels

A resident of Arizona spotted three UFOs flying in formation over the city of Scottsdale. Based on their formation, a UFO expert claimed that the objects could be military alien vessels.

The video of the strange UFO sighting was shared on YouTube by Scott Waring of ET Database. The clip was taken by an unnamed eyewitness from Arizona.

As seen in the video, three bright bluish objects were flying behind the clouds. At first, the strange objects were flying in a distinct triangle formation. The formation of the objects then began to change as they started lining up in a straight line.

The eyewitness noted that as the objects continued to move, one of them suddenly zipped away. Then, the other object changed its color to bright red before vanishing completely. Interestingly, a bright yellowish flash can be seen right before the object disappeared.

As for the remaining object, it stayed visible and hovered slowly in the sky for a couple of seconds after its companions mysteriously disappeared. Then, the object began to move downwards and accelerated until it was out of frame.

“Three bright lights moving in formation, then one flashed and disappeared, the blue one zoomed down fast then out of sight,” the eyewitness stated according to ET Data Base. “Crazy, our jets don’t move like these.”

After examining the video, Waring speculated that the objects could be alien vessels that originated from an underground base on Earth. Also, based on the way they were flying, the UFO expert believes the objects were military vessels used by aliens.

As noted by Waring, the objects maintained a distinct formation at the start of the video. The same formation can be seen in a small squadron of military aircraft.

“A fleet of UFOs appears in the sky one by one and probably came from an underground alien base,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “They rotate in a triangle formation which shows that they are military...because even U.S. military requires a squadron formation and even a wingman so they don't fly alone but with another jet.”

A photograph of a screen shows infra-red video of taken from a Mexican Air Force patrol aircraft of 7 bright objects flying over the eastern coastal state of Campeche on March 25, 2004. REUTERS