• The breakthrough COVID-19 deaths represent 0.01% of the state's fully vaccinated population
  • More than 4,000 breakthrough infections were recorded last week
  • There are currently 527 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in Massachusetts

At least 30 fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts have died of COVID-19 over the past week as the number of breakthrough cases continues to rise.

Health officials in Massachusetts recorded 30 breakthrough COVID-19 deaths between Oct. 30 and Nov. 6, raising the state’s cumulative coronavirus deaths among the fully vaccinated to 468. The number of deaths represents 0.01% of the state’s inoculated population.

COVID-19 cases among the vaccinated also rose by 4,608 during the same period. As of Nov. 6, the state recorded a total of 58,807 breakthrough COVID infections, representing 1.2% of the state’s fully vaccinated population.

Of the total number of COVID-19 cases among the vaccinated, 147 were hospitalized during the week beginning Oct. 30 and ending on Nov. 6. The state has now reported a total of 1,940 breakthrough coronavirus hospitalizations, which represents 0.04% of all vaccinated individuals in Massachusetts.

The state has inoculated 4,753,520 people since vaccinations began on Dec. 14, 2020, according to data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Health officials on Wednesday reported 1,745 new confirmed COVID-19 cases statewide among unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals. The figures now bring the state’s total number of confirmed cases to 810,346. Massachusetts has a rolling seven-day average positivity rate of 2.15%.

Massachusetts also recorded 20 new COVID-19 deaths Wednesday, raising the total toll to 18,739. The average age of patients who died of COVID-19 in the state so far was 75 years old.

There are currently 527 COVID-positive patients hospitalized across the state. At least 141 patients are in Intensive Care Units (ICU) and 74 require medical ventilation, according to the Massachusetts COVID-19 Dashboard.

The numbers come as Middleton Jail in Essex County continues to fight a COVID-19 outbreak that has infected nearly 60 inmates and eight employees over the past two days. Among the detainees who tested positive, 58% were still receiving vaccinations or had been fully vaccinated.

The majority of the people who were diagnosed with COVID-19 did not show any symptoms of the virus. Few others said they were experiencing mild symptoms, according to Seattle Pi.

The pills would bolster the world's therapeutic arsenal against Covid-19, adding to vaccines
The pills would bolster the world's therapeutic arsenal against Covid-19, adding to vaccines AFP / Robyn Beck