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  • Netflix is set to release new Korean TV series of varying genres from May to June
  • "The Good Bad Mother" stars Lee Do Hyun as a cold-hearted prosecutor
  • K-pop sensations Im Yoon Ah and Lee Jun Ho will star in the rom-com "King The Land"

Netflix has been releasing epic Korean dramas and series over the past months that have made it to the top of its global charts.

These series have centered on unique storylines of various genres, such as drama, action, dystopian and comedy, and have attracted millions of viewers across the globe.

One of its recently released dramas is the sci-fi dystopian series "Black Knight," which stars Kim Woo Bin as the highly skilled Knight 5-8.

For fans who have already finished the six-episode series, check out these four other new Netflix Korean shows.

1. "Bloodhounds"

"Bloodhounds" follows the story of a rookie boxer named Gun Woo (Woo Do Hwan) who enters the world of loan sharks to pay off debts. There, Gun will work for one of the most powerful men in the business, CEO Choi (Heo Jun Ho).

The action-thriller series will dive into the story of three individuals — Gun, Hyun-Joo (Kim Sae Ron), and Woojin (Lee Sang Yi) — who form a strong bond as they fight their way to survive, despite the grueling and bloody battles.

"Bloodhounds" is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on June 9 with a total of eight episodes.

2. "Siren: Survive the Island"

"Siren: Survive the Island" is not your ordinary survival show. The Netflix series will feature 24 strong and skilled women of different professions, such as firefighters, police officers, bodyguards, soldiers, athletes, and stuntwomen, among others, who will battle in groups to successfully reign as the victor after a week of challenges.

The combat survival show will premiere on May 30.

3. "King The Island"

Premiering in June, this romantic comedy series will star two of South Korea's most well-known artists in both the K-pop and K-drama industry.

SNSD's Im Yoon Ah will play the role of Cheon Sa Rang — an employee who works in one of the branches of Gu Won's (Lee Jun-Ho) hotels. She is described as a "smile queen" because of her bright personality.

Won, the heir of a large conglomerate group, will be fighting for his own inheritance before he can successfully reign as the "king."

"King The Island," which premieres on June 17, will center on how two people from different worlds come together and form a romantic relationship along the way.

4. "The Good Bad Mother"

Lee Do Hyun is dominating the Netflix charts once again, but this time with a new drama titled "The Good Bad Mother." Here, Lee portrays a cold-hearted prosecutor named Kang Ho, whose career takes a turn after he gets into an accident that leaves him with a disorder that makes him act like a child.

Kang's cold personality is rooted in his childhood, after being raised by his strict mother, Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran).

"The Good Bad Mother" is currently airing on Netflix. Eight episodes have already been released out of 14.

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