Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner revealed how they first met. The stars are pictured attending the Met Gala on May 7, 2018 in New York City. Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Travis Scott has been dating Kylie Jenner for over a year and in that short time together, the two have started a family together. After welcoming their baby girl, Stormi Webster, in February, the couple appeared to be inseparable while doing their best to keep their relationship private.

In a new interview with GQ, Jenner and Scott shared intimate details about their romance and how they have managed to make it work.

Check out these 4 things we learned about Scott’s relationship with Jenner.

1. Scott Is Not A Fan Of Jenner’s Fame

Jenner admitted Scott is still adjusting to her level of fame and admitted it hasn’t been easy on their relationship. “I don’t think he’s really cool with it, but he deals with it, because we love each other and we have a family,” she said.

The “Life of Kylie” star revealed there are times when she skips her boyfriend’s events in order to avoid causing a frenzy. “For sure, I know he doesn’t like the attention. That’s why we just go the extra mile to keep our relationship super private, or like, if he has events or something, I won’t come. Because I want him to do his own thing. I want him to be him.”

2. Jenner And Scott Aren’t Sure How They Met

In a segment called the “Kylie Quiz,” Jenner questioned how well her boyfriend knew her. Scott answered several questions correctly, but the couple stumbled to nail down exactly how they met. The “Butterfly Effect” rapper stated the two hung out among friends, but the reality star thought he didn’t like her.

“We always knew each other, like we were hanging around each other,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder explained.

“We just had mutual friends. But we never really had a conversation because I thought he didn’t like me.”

Jenner noted she went on to find out Scott didn’t have an issue with her, he just had a “standoffish personality.”

3. They Fight But Make Up In A Big Way

During the interview, Jenner recalled a time where the two got into an argument and she flew to Houston in order to fix the issue in person. “Just because we’re a family now. When we fight, it’s usually just because we’ve been away from each other for too long and we didn’t see each other for like two weeks,” she said.

Once the 20-year-old arrived at her destination, she revealed her boyfriend treated her to a special gift in honor of their baby girl. “When I landed in Houston to make up, he — I always kept saying I really want a Stormi chain, so when I landed, he had one made for me,” Jenner shared.

4. They Aren’t Worried About The Kardashian Curse

For years, the famous brood has been said to destroy the lives of men they encounter, but Jenner and Scott are not buying into the idle chatter. Scott explained he doesn’t pay attention to a lot of things that are said in the press and revealed Jenner likes him for who he is.

However, there are times when the “Goosebumps” rapper can’t avoid the tabloids and Jenner tries to empathize even though she is used to the attention. “Well, for all the news stories, it’s how I get over them so fast. Trav, for example, he’s like, ‘Wait...but how do you just get over this?’ He gets more angry about things,” she explained.

Through experience, Jenner learned not to dwell on tabloid reports. Although she understands fame isn’t easy, she notes that difficulty embracing an association with her family isn’t restricted to men, as the Kardashian curse suggests.

“But it’s not just men—it’s friends, it’s people who come and just don’t know how to handle it. It’s the negative. There’s a lot of people who love us, but there’s also a huge handful of people who don’t like us.”