Type 2 diabetes is a chronic ailment characterized by the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient amount of insulin to keep blood sugar levels from rising. As time goes by, the lack of insulin causes many severe health conditions like heart disease and stroke.

Fortunately, there is a way for patients to manage their blood sugar levels efficiently. They only need to make some healthy decisions that could positively impact their lifestyles. Four vital tips can help patients achieve this.

Timeliness and Selectiveness

Medical experts and nutritionists recommend sticking to a regular eating cycle. This is very important if you want to efficiently control your blood sugar levels. Always make it a point to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never to skip any meals. four lifestyle tips to stop diabetes and keep blood sugars low four lifestyle tips to stop diabetes and keep blood sugars low Photo: stevepb - Pixabay

Anshu Kaura, a pharmacist at Lloyds, explained that consuming meals at the time you should have them will keep your blood sugar levels stable at all times. The risk of experiencing spikes in your blood sugar levels will be lessened.

Decide Properly on the Amount and Type of Carbs

Kaura is against cutting out carbs entirely from your regular diet. She said, however, that you should select specific types of carbohydrates over others and to consume them in moderate amounts.

Carbohydrate, according to diabetes.co.uk, is broken down rather quickly into glucose, which explains its noticeable effect on blood sugar levels as compared to either protein or fat. The type and amount you eat, however, can make a difference in blood sugar levels.

Physical Activity Helps

Those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes are advised to perform some activities to help manage better their blood sugar levels. Diabetes.co.uk stated on their website that when you perform exercises, your muscles will use more glucose. This can help reduce your blood sugar levels.

Kaura, for her part, said that all physical activities could provide diabetics with many benefits. You just need to find one that you enjoy and work for you. The National Health Service recommends performing at least two and a half hours of activity each week.

Let Yourself Be Examined

You need to have a regular check-up to see whether your blood sugar management is working. Try to have your eyes checked annually. Bear in mind that type 2 diabetes can cause diabetic retinopathy or damage to the back of your eye. If left unchecked, it can progress towards blindness.

You might also want to undergo an annual screening to detect any problems so it could be treated at an early time. Getting your feet examined is also essential in your goal towards proper blood sugar management. Kaura revealed that your feet would manifest some changes if you suffer from high blood sugar levels over an extended period.