Type 2 diabetes is one condition that affects approximately more than 400 million in the world. Doctors have attested that lifestyle has got so much to do with increasing the blood sugar. In order to keep blood sugar levels low, there are some foods that you must limit from your diet.

Low-Carb Diet

Since the primary factor that could send your blood sugar level spiking out of proportions is sugar, then you need to steer clear from foods that add “sugar” to your system. According to recent studies, to help lower your blood sugar, you must go for a low-carb diet.

As per Express' report, carbohydrates are broken down by the body into glucose. This becomes blood sugar, which could increase if your intake of carbohydrates is in huge proportions. Healthy individuals normally have regular blood sugar levels. The same cannot be said for those with Type 2 diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association revealed in a study that a diet where the protein was increased yielded a positive effect on blood sugar. After five weeks on such a diet, the concentration of glucose was significantly reduced.

how to lower blood sugar type 2 diabetes low carb diet
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This doesn’t mean though that you will no longer eat carbohydrates because the body also needs carbs. The solution to this is to go for healthy carbs and not for foods that contain “added sugars.”

Watch Out for Sugars

Foods that are considered as containing healthy carbs are those that are naturally-occurring. This would include fruits and also dairy products. Yes, fruits also have sugars or carbs, which is why, for diabetics, the portions that they can eat are always controlled. Other healthy carbs include wholegrain cereals and breads.

Obviously, if there are healthy carbs, there are also unhealthy carbohydrates, which you must avoid without preconditions. This would include foods that are so attractive to the palate. Basically, this would cover the sweet and sinful stuff.

Avoid unhealthy carbs that are found in biscuits, pastries, cakes, and the very popular sugary drinks. It doesn’t mean that if something is in liquid form, it is already the healthier alternative.

Basically, if you want to keep your blood sugar levels in check, go for a healthy low-carb diet. Avoid sugary stuff even though it can become quite difficult at times to resist those delectable sweet treats.