A girl was brutally mauled to death by street dogs while playing outside of her house. The incident took place in a village located in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh on Friday (May 1).

The four-year-old girl, who has been identified as Sheikh Safura, was reportedly playing outside her house early morning when she was attacked by a pack of stray dogs.

According to police officers, she was mauled by at least four dogs that had unexpectedly attacked her. They said the people in the area had rushed to the girl’s rescue and had managed to chase the dogs away. However, Safura was found bleeding profusely after sustaining critical injuries to her neck and hands.

She succumbed to her injuries soon after the incident took place. The victim's parents, who work as farm laborers, performed her last rites at a burial ground in the village.

The residents in the area stated that there have been several incidents where dogs have attacked people and children in the past. However, no actions were taken by civic authorities on the issue inspite of multiple complaints. They also mentioned that they live in fear of getting attacked by the stray dogs, and are extremely concerned about the safety of their children.

The police did not register a case as the victim’s parents had not filed a complaint.

In a similar incident that took place in March, a two-year-old girl was mauled to death by a pit bull in Virginia. Following the attack, the girl was rushed to a nearby hospital by medics. However, she succumbed to her injuries later in the day. Meanwhile, the dog was handed over to the animal control officers and placed in quarantine. The circumstances surrounding the attack were unknown at the time.

In another incident from October, a nine-year-old girl was mauled by three dogs while riding a bike near her house in Oklahoma. The girl sustained severe injuries after she was attacked by three dogs that had escaped from an animal shelter. Two of the dogs were reported as rescue dogs while one was identified as a family pet. According to investigators, she would require several stitches and might suffer long-term nerve damage, which could affect her mobility due to the injuries.

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