Before conceiving her 19th child, Michelle Duggar,42 truly thought she was done having children, she said on her blog Tuesday.

The mother of 10 boys and 8 girls ranging from ages 8 months to 21 years , said she feels sick and tired as a result of her current pregnancy but emphasized she is thankful and does not take pregnancy for granted. She has nausea and queasy feeling as it has happened to her in each pregnancy from the sixth week to the twelfth, she said in the blog post.

After eighteen kids, Michelle said the idea of not having more children brought her sadness.
I thought we might be done. I was a little sad about it, but I just accepted it was a stage of my life and perhaps God felt my family was complete, she said today. But she later discovered a positive pregnancy test and announced her baby expected for March 18, 2010.

TLC's show 18 Kids and Counting features the life of the Duggars headed by both parents Jim Bob and Michelle. Their 18 children (10 boys and 8 girls) are all named with J: Joshua, Jana & John-David (twins), Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah & Jeremiah (twins), Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer and Jordyn-Grace Makiya.

Most of the Duggar's children have been born through natural birth with the exception of three C-sections, according to the family's website in which Michelle says that labor and delivery are not easy no matter how many times mothers go through it.

The couples oldest son, Joshua is expecting his first baby with wife Anna in October 18.

Watch an interview with the Duggar family on NBC's Today Show Tuesday below:

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