• A survey revealed that 49% of Americans are worried about their weight
  • They fear that they would not be able to get back into their pre-quarantine body back
  • The survey highlighted that many Americans added an average of five pounds during the quarantine

In a recent survey involving 2,000 Americans who regularly exercise, researchers found that almost two-thirds admitted that the coronavirus quarantine had disrupted their attempts to live a healthy lifestyle. The result shows 65% have taken time off from their exercise routine to “let themselves go a bit.” It was also found that half of the survey respondents have already given up on their body goals for the 2020 summer.

Diets Ruined

A lot of the respondents confessed they indulged in food while in isolation, with more than 30% saying their alcohol consumption increased. Half of them admitted their consumption of refined carbohydrates such as pasta, white bread, and pastries, increased. Nevertheless, 54% still made efforts to consume vegetables, and 46% also increased their protein consumption.

Starting To Feel Unhealthy

The gap in their fitness routine left some of the respondents feeling physically weak. Approximately 64% felt unhealthy in quarantine because of a lack of physical activities and poor eating habits. In an effort to fight the isolation slump, 64% of the respondents are trying out some in-home exercise regimen.

By far, 48% have started to do some outdoor walks, while 46% are performing exercises with the help of fitness apps. Some are making use of health and exercise websites to help them get back on track with their fitness goals. There are also those who participated in live stream workout classes, while some use pre-taped fitness videos.

A Home Gym

Around 54% of the respondents say they have ordered workout equipment so they could create their own home gym, with 48% getting dumbbells and 45% buying yoga mats. According to the survey, these are the top quarantine exercise equipment that most respondents use. Some of them also bought stationary bikes while a few got ankle weights.

Lauren Manaker, a registered dietitian nutritionist, said that the lockdown period is a stressful time for many Americans. It is during this time that people should pay more attention to their overall health. The survey data, according to Manaker, “…highlights the importance of finding simple solutions for people to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in isolation.”