• Lowering blood sugar is essential for type 2 diabetes patients
  • During the holidays, there are things that can be done to enjoy the season without increasing blood sugar levels
  • There are five things that you can do

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic ailment characterized by sudden changes in your sugar levels. Doctors say this is caused by the body developing insulin resistance, causing it to use insulin inefficiently. In other cases, the pancreas lost its ability to generate a sufficient amount of insulin needed by the body. Insulin plays a major role in managing the blood sugar levels of the body, so an insufficient amount causes blood sugar levels to rise uncontrollably.

During the Christmas season, many would indulge in a host of foods prepared for the occasion. While this may present a little risk to people without any ailment, the same would create problems for those with type 2 diabetes. To prevent this from happening, Healthspan’s head of nutrition, Rob Hobson, recommends you follow these five tips.

Opt For Nuts and Dried Fruit over Chocolates or Other Sweets

Hobson said dried fruits contain natural sugars. The impact of these fruits on your blood sugar levels is lesser as their sugar content is confined within the fruit along with its fiber. When combined with nuts, you also get a dose of fats and protein, which helps in slowing down the release of sugar.

tips to lower blood sugar during holidays
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Use Sugar Sparingly

Instead of using pure sugar in all of your sweet sauces, go for half-sugar and half-sweetener brands to lessen the load of sugar. Hobson also said to gain maximum benefit, combine your sauces with puddings composed of high fiber foods like dried fruit and nuts, as well as wholemeal flour. This can help lessen the impact such food may create on your blood sugar levels.

Blend Savory with Sweet

Instead of serving sweet treats and puddings as snacks, serve them with your main course. The fats, protein, and fiber found in your main course can help in slowing down the release of sugar in the bloodstream.

Go For Sugar-Free Mixers

Hobson revealed that sugary beverages are loaded with the simplest form of sugar. This type of sugar is rapidly and easily released into your bloodstream. Such can cause your blood sugar levels to spike. To prevent this from happening, try opting for soda water or sugar-free beverages.

Avoid Skipping Meals

Although it may appear to make no sense, especially during Christmas time, preparing Christmas lunches or dinners can sometimes cause you to forget eating your regular meals. As your blood sugar levels decrease, the stress involved in preparing Christmas dinners or lunches can get worse as you struggle to complete the seemingly endless tasks.

To avoid going through this situation, you can begin the day with a healthy breakfast. Go for foods that are high in protein and fiber to help keep your blood sugar levels and energy in check. If possible, you may want to go on a post-meal walk to keep your blood sugar levels from rising.