John Green
Honoree and author John Green at the Time 100 gala celebrating the magazine's naming of the 100 most influential people in the world for the past year in New York, April 29, 2014. Reuters

“The Fault in our Stars” movie’s upcoming debut has the actors Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort in the spotlight, but the tragic teenage tale would be nothing without its creator: YouTuber and novelist John Green, the "nerdfighter" with the mantra, "Don't forget to be awesome." The film debuts this Friday, June 6. Here are five of Green's most awesome quotes about the film adaptation of his best-selling book:

On making a movie about cancer: “It’s not easy to make a movie in Hollywood where the main character has tubes in her nose for the entire movie,” Green, 36, told CBS-19 Cleveland in May when speaking of the film's storyline. “It was important to me that all of the characters in the movie be living with disability and with illness because a lot of times in these stories it's about some healthy person learning lessons from sick people and I just want to take the healthy people out of it and argue that everybody’s life has meaning and the meaning of your life is not about other people all the time.”

On the film's box office success: While “TFIOS” has been projected to be a box office smash come this Friday, Green isn't fazed by the film’s popularity. “I guess I want the movie to do well, but to be completely honest with you, ultimately, what I want is for people who care about the book a lot to like the movie,” Green recently said on his YouTube channel VlogBrothers.

On his emotional ‘TFIOS’ set experience: “I’ve been laughing and crying. I think they think I’m crazy because I can’t keep my emotions in check at all. It’s just amazing,” Green said via YouTube of his time on the film’s set in September 2013. “It’s actually amazing to see a story that for a long time existed only in my imagination become visible which is why I am always laughing and crying.”

On his cameo: While a majority of Green's time was spent behind-the-scenes on the "TFIOS" set, Green, like many authors before him, was granted a walk on role in the film’s adaptation. Unfortunately for the Nerdfighter leader, the scene was eventually cut from the final project--due to pacing problems and, according to Green, his lack of acting skills. “My cameo was cut,” Green confessed on ABC's “Good Morning America” Monday. “Mostly, because I’m a terrible actor but also because it was dramatically unnecessary.” Green says that even though he won't be onscreen, the role brought rewards. “They let me keep my wardrobe so I still have that outfit,” he joked.

On the film’s stars: “The first day of filming I was so nervous. I had no idea what to expect,” Green told the Hollywood Reporter in May, adding that seeing the film’s stars portraying his literary characters melted his fears. “When I saw Shay [Shailene Woodley] and Sam Trammell and Laura Dern, I just started crying. I knew the movie was going to be good.”