Shoppers wrestle over a television as they compete to purchase retail items on "Black Friday" at an Asda superstore in Wembley, north London November 28, 2014. Britain's high streets, malls and online sites were awash with discounts on Friday as more retailers than ever embraced U.S.-style "Black Friday" promotions, seeking to kickstart trading in the key Christmas period. Luke MacGregor/REUTERS

Black Friday is a day that typically has mega deals for shoppers, with stores throwing their doors open as early as midnight on Thanksgiving to pack customers in. But these sometimes spiral out of control. Unbelievable deals for people kicking off their holiday shopping have also caused some disagreements, stampedes and all-out brawls.

1. This YouTube video from Britain depicts a series of brawls at Walmart and British retailer Tesco in 2014. It has a stampede and several nasty fights.

2. This video from a Louisiana Walmart last year shows people going crazy over shopping.

3. This video uploaded in 2014 shows people snatching up televisions as quickly as possible at a Tesco.

4. An Urban Outfitters gets stampeded in this YouTube video.

5. This video shows a massive Walmart fight in California.

This year Black Friday falls on Nov. 24. The name of the day appears to have first been used by the Philadelphia Police in the 1950s to describe the traffic jams and extra people flooding the city to shop, according to Snopes.com.

Black Friday has also been used to describe a variety of other events, most of them negative. Black Friday was used to describe the Panic of 1869, for example, a day in which the stock market fell apart when two financiers tried to corner the gold market.

Violence has become a part of the Black Friday shopping experience over the past several years. Last year there were at least three shopping-related shootings, according to the New York Post. A website that counts deaths and injuries from Black Friday, blackfridaydeathcount.com, lists 10 reported deaths and 105 reported injuries on the day from 2006 to 2016.