An unofficial “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer with its new stars Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson has been made and already has thousands of views on YouTube. Other unofficial trailers created by fans, namely the Matt Bomer-Alexis Bledel and Ryan Gosling-Emma Stone ones were hits among “Fifty Shades” enthusiasts and now the latest with the film’s actors is getting similar attention.

For months fans had discussed who should be cast as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, and to say that Hunnam and Johnson weren’t exactly favorites would be an understatement. There was a wide backlash after the author of the erotic series E.L. James announced via Twitter that the British actor and Melanie Griffith’s daughter had won the coveted roles.

One of the main things that is setting people off about the “Fifty Shades” movie actors is they don’t look anything like the way the characters are described in the series, but that could be because people are picturing them as the previous characters they have played and not the way they would look or come across when they are in their Christian and Ana role.

The unofficial trailer with Hunnam, 33, and Johnson, 23, seems to have persuaded some skeptics by giving them a glimpse of how the two might look on the silver screen together. Some kissing, arms raised above the head and sly smiles are all included in the fan-made trailer.

It’s garnered more than 20,000 views since it was created a few days ago and generated dozens of comments. It will be hard to convince those who are dead-set are Bomer and Bledel being the rightful actors for the roles, but for those who have an open mind, it could be just what they needed to warm up to Hunnam and Johnson.

Both characters have blonde hair in the clip, even though the Seattle billionaire and 22-year-old college student hair, but the hue on the top of their heads will most likely be dyed to match their character’s appearances in the book. Hair aside, check out the video below: