An unofficial “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer, with its new star Jamie Dornan and previously cast Dakota Johnson, has already gotten thousands of views on YouTube after it was uploaded just days ago. User FiftyShadesQueen originally made an unofficial trailer with Charlie Hunnam, which got almost 500,000 views, but after the “Sons of Anarchy” star dropped out of the film, a new unofficial trailer with Dornan and Johnson as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele has emerged.

Faux trailers are popular among “Fifty Shades” fans, who are salivating to get a glimpse of the film. Before the cast was announced, teasers that stared celebrity combos like Matt Bomer-Alexis Bledel and Ryan Gosling-Emma Stone were sensations on YouTube. But now that the film has a definite cast, the new trailer will most likely take off.

Both Hunnam and Johnson weren’t exactly fan favorites and there was a substantial backlash when their names were announced in conjunction with the project, but with Dornan on the film, fans have been generally warming up to the Dornan-Johnson combo. Producer Michael De Luca even said Johnson, 23, had a hand at picking Hunnam’s replacement.

One reason many fans aren't sold on Dornan and Johnson is that the actors don’t look the way fans imagined Christian and Ana to be. What’s exciting about a trailer is the chance to see, even remotely, how the actors will portray the characters and possibly win over some fans who had sworn off seeing a movie adaptation of E.L. James’ best-selling erotic novel.

The fan-made trailer, which is 3:32 minutes long, is filled with saucy content. Some of it has been pulled from Dornan’s previous work on “Once Upon A Time,” where he played the Huntsman. Check out the unofficial trailer below: