A 7-foot-long python was found crawling up the front wheel of a truck in the northern Indian city of Agra. The truck driver spotted the massive reptile and screamed for help.

Local police were immediately informed and authorities arrived at the scene. Specialists from an animal rescue center run by a non-profit were also alerted. In a bid to climb up the vehicle, the python got trapped in the chassis panel frames of the truck. A team from local NGO Wildlife SOS rescued the reptile and released it into its natural habitat.

"The sheer size of the python made the rescue operation more challenging. Our team had to be very careful while removing the chassis as we wanted to avoid hurting the python during the extraction," Baiju Raj MV, director of conservation projects, Wildlife SOS, said.

While the python did not attack the man, the mere sight of the massive reptile was quite terrifying for the truck driver.

Huge pythons often feed on small animals and sometimes also attack pets, like rabbits and cats.

In a recent incident, a gut-wrenching video was released online showing a 13-foot-long python regurgitating a stray dog after it had swallowed the canine alive. The incident took place in a forest in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. A local wildlife enthusiast who recorded the moment said the large Rock Python likely vomited the animal out after feeling threatened.

"We were going on a rescue and on the way we saw some people disturbing a four-meter-long (13-foot) Indian Rock Python that had eaten something... As we reached closer to the reptile, it was spilling out the kill which was a street dog," the man who shot the video said.

This is a picture of a boa constrictor at the El Salvador National Zoo in San Salvador, June 15, 2017. Getty Images/Oscar Rivera