• The incident took place at a home in Chicago's Roseland neighborhood 
  • Police were on the lookout for the suspect as of Monday 
  • A community alert was also issued by the authorities

A stranger forcibly entered a 7-year-old Chicago girl’s bedroom and sexually assaulted her before fleeing the scene.

Issuing a community alert Monday, Chicago police said the suspect forcibly made his way into the home in the Roseland neighborhood in the wee hours of July 22 after removing an air conditioner from a window. He then sexually assaulted the child who was sleeping in her bedroom. When the girl’s father found him in the home, the man immediately fled the scene, reported.

Police have described the suspect as a Black man, who is around 6 feet tall with a heavy muscular built and short black hair. The man was last seen in the 102nd Street alley between Forest and Prairie avenues, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and black shoes.

Residents in the area, who are shocked by the incident, have been asked to be aware of moved or displaced outdoor furniture and litter in the private areas of their property.

"The neighborhood has got to deal with this now. We've got someone assaulting children and we don't know who it is," one of the neighbors Danielle Jones told ABC 7, adding she has never heard of someone breaking into a home by removing an air conditioner unit.

Jones hopes the suspect is taken into custody soon. "Hurting a child? That's beyond reprehensible. It really is," she said to the outlet.

Police were on the lookout for the man, who remained at large as of Monday.

Police have asked anyone with any information to call 911 or the Special Investigation Unit at 312-492-3810 immediately.

Earlier this month, a man allegedly broke into a Chicago apartment of a 26-year-old woman and sexually assaulted her. The man forcefully entered the residence by removing the air conditioner from a back window. He then sexually assaulted the victim multiple times and also struck her in the face before fleeing the scene. In her statement to police, the woman said the man was around 23-35 years old and was wearing a ski mask and a long sleeve black shirt at the time of the incident.

crime scene
Crime scene. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images