The spunk of youth does not fade with age if a person chooses to remain young at heart. A recent viral video of a 72-year-old woman ziplining across an amusement park in India is proof.

The video, shared on Instagram by a user named Yathrikan_200, has since been viewed more than 7,00,000 times. In the video, the woman is seen acing that adventure sport in a "saree," which is a traditional Indian wear.

The video shows the woman, yanked meters above from the ground and safety gears strapped to her body, performing the act and even fist-bumping with the person recording the video at the endpoint. "This is Paruamma. She buried her dreams within herself. I helped her in fulfilling one of her dreams. Let there be more people like Paruamma," the video's caption read.

The video was also shared on the page Yathra_Premikal where it garnered more than 50,00 likes.

The woman appeared ecstatic at the end of the video. The Instagram reel has garnered more than 47,000 likes to date. "I was not afraid at all…I liked it. It was fun," the woman said after the ride.

Adventure sports are all usually linked to the younger generation but the woman didn't let age become a dominating factor in fulfilling her dream. Internet users praised the woman for her courage and reacted to the post with heart emojis.

In March, an elderly man had also proved age was just a number by performing a stunt on a swing. The video, which went viral on Twitter, showed the man sitting on the swing casually and someone giving it a push, increasing the speed. The man then somersaults, and flawlessly lands on the ground, leaving the internet users in awe. It was not clear how old this man was at the time of the stunt.

In another video that went viral in July, a 73-year-old man jumped off a cliff and into the river, leaving the internet users in shock. The video was trending on the internet for quite a few days, with people praising him for his fearless nature.

Ziplining Pixabay