A 78-year-old Vietnam War veteran in San Diego killed a bobcat that attacked his pet dog.

Bobby Abrams, of Sabre Springs, was walking his dog, Sammy, on Saturday morning along Ted Williams Parkway when the bobcat showed up and forced itself on Sammy, biting its neck.

"Oh yea, he was snarling, arggggg, like that!" Abrams told KGTV.

Abrams quickly pulled the bobcat off, swayed it back and forth thus breaking its neck and killing it. He said he is physically fit as he does hundreds of push-ups a day and walks up to 14 miles. He suffered puncture wounds on both of his hands while protecting the dog. The dog didn't sustain major injuries.

The bobcat’s carcass was collected by California Fish and Wildlife officers. A spokesperson said there is huge number of bobcats in the area, except they are usually nocturnal. In view of the bad weather, the bobcat appeared in the day instead of night, the officers speculated. The officers warned the locales not to go out at night.

Abrams said the bond between him and Sammy grew stronger over the years ever since he rescued the latter from an abusive situation.

"I love that dog as much as I love my momma. I love that dog, the Navy, and my momma!" Abrams said.

Abrams’ neighbors fondly call the dog “Jeep Bobby.” He started his military career as a coast guard and later joined the Navy. His entire defense career spans 20 years, including the 2 years in Vietnam.

A bobcat waits to be fed at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, Oct. 20, 2011. Getty Images/John Moore