An eight-foot-long snake with a "massive" bulge in its stomach was found in the backyard of a couple in Pennsylvania on Friday.

The unidentified couple spotted the eight-foot-long, 18 pounds heavy snake in the backyard of their Pennsylvania residence on Oct. 4. The snake was identified to be a female python and was visibly attempting to digest the meal it had feasted on earlier.

The couple decided to carry the snake in a trashcan to the local pet shop to seek help. The pet shop staff immediately informed the Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary and they took the snake with them after a few hours. The snake was checked for any irregularities and an X-ray was taken to determine the nature of the object or creature the snake had swallowed.

“All evidence points to a possum, which is logical, because both Pythons and possums are nocturnally active and the size matches up,” the Forgotten Friends Reptile Sanctuary said in a Facebook post.

After the reptile’s examination, the snake catcher said, “She’s getting out here to stretch in the sun and that’s actually helping in her digestive process. So I’m very happy with what we are seeing.”

The reptile sanctuary praised the people for alerting authorities in due time adding it was very brave of them and that the snake might not have survived the harsh cold climate in the night. The snake catchers noted that the snake was a pet as the couple who found it had reported its escape earlier as well. But there is no information about its owners. It will continue to stay at the facility until a better replacement is found.

Snake Pixabay