Have you noticed that we rarely see people smiling spontaneously anymore these days? And I don’t mean those cheeky smiles or grins you see people wearing once in a while but the kinds of smiles that reflect true happiness and high spirits. And do you know why? Well, the reason is that people are not truly happy anymore!

People just wake up, head to work, or fulfill their daily obligations, and that's just it. No feeling of contentment, no satisfaction, no joy derived, and we all just continue that way over and over again.

Happiness is supposed to be an emotion we inhabit. Unfortunately, it is now an emotion that is fast eluding us in this generation. And even more disturbing is the fact that we're not even noticing it - more like we now live in a stereotyped age where everyone is only driven by the hustles and bustles of their stress-ridden lives.

But this doesn’t have to continue anymore. Here are some ways for you to find true happiness in your life again. Try them and get yourself smiling happily again.

Find the right company

One of the biggest reasons why people struggle to find true happiness in this age is because of the type of company they keep. Ask yourself, “Are you happy being around the people you spend most of your time with?” Nobody goes to the market to buy happiness; instead, it is a side effect of a series of ongoing life experiences. So, if you're surrounded by people who don't share your beliefs, don't contribute to your desires, and don't care whether or not you're happy, then it may be near-impossible for you to find happiness. By and large, try to always be with people who make you see reasons to smile. Several studies have shown that we are happiest when we are around those who are also happy. Stick with those who are joyful and let them rub off on you.

Hold on to your beliefs

If your belief stems from X, you’re never going to be happy trying to live by Y. My point being? What you find true, what you know is fair, and what you believe in are all your values. Over time, the more you honor them, the more you will feel about yourself and those you love. Trying to live by a code or belief just because your colleagues are will never help you find true happiness. If you want to stay happy always, live by those things you believe in.

Encourage yourself

Happiness sometimes stems from contentment and hopes. If you believe that your current situation is super-right for you, there is no way you wouldn’t be happy about it, and this will invariably infect other areas of your life.

However, I know you might think it is impossible to stay happy when things aren’t going as planned for you. But even then, you can still find happiness. You only need to see the bigger picture in any situation you find yourself. Encourage yourself using mantras and self-assuring phrases, and work towards getting your life together. To further aid the process, you can read inspirational books to lift your mood, meditate on bible verses about happiness to boost your morale or listen to any motivational speaker that best appeals to you.

Never, ever compare yourself to others

I know in this digital-driven age, it is almost impossible not to compare ourselves with others. Not with Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms constantly breathing down our necks, telling us how amazing everyone else’s lives are. But trust me, comparison is the biggest thief of happiness. As long as you keep comparing your life to that of others, there’s no way you will appreciate the goods in your life. Even though you might be doing exceptionally well in your life, comparing yourself with others will never make you see the good in your own life, and invariably deprive you of your joy and happiness.

Bask in the simple pleasures of life

Those who love you, treasured memories, silly jokes, warm days, and starry nights – these are the ties that bind and the gifts that keep on giving.

Expect less

According to several studies, the primary factor behind the happiness of happy people is contentment. Simply put, if you're satisfied, then you're more likely to be happy. Working towards realistic goals is sure to cultivate happiness since you pursue that which brings you joy. In addition to that, expecting less not only from life, but people also sets the tone for true happiness.

Only do that which gives you joy

A very grave mistake anyone seeking true happiness could make is getting involved in things they don't enjoy doing – be it work, voluntary acts, obligations, ties, etc. Life is filled with multiple options, and as such, no one needs to keep up with something or someone that doesn't bring them joy. Even if that job position promises thousands of dollars, but it offers you no joy, then it wouldn't be worth it in the long run. Although you will be smiling at the bank come every month end, you may never enjoy the luxury of true happiness whenever you walk home at night. By and large, find and do only those things that agree with your passion, beliefs, and desires.

Forbid isolation

No one ever finds happiness while refraining themselves from connecting with other people. We, humans, are social creatures, and we are designed to connect with others. That's just our DNA! So if you want to stay happy, then you need to bring yourself into the gathering of people. That is not to say that you always have to spend all your time at social events or on Facebook, but at your leisure, try to attend social gatherings, connect with friends on social media, and allow yourself to socialize with others.

One of the reasons why many unhappy people stay unhappy is because of how they self-isolate themselves. If you self-isolate yourself, negative emotions are likely to arise.