• Bob Nill, 88, was reportedly struck by a speeding vehicle while working a crosswalk outside Christ the King Catholic School in Kansas City
  • He reportedly told two young students to stop and pushed them out of the way to keep them from being hit by the car
  • Nill was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition, but was pronounced dead shortly after arriving

An elderly crossing guard was killed in Kansas City, Kansas, after reportedly being struck by a speeding car while saving two kids.

Bob Nill, 88, was struck by a speeding vehicle around 8 a.m. Tuesday while working a crosswalk for Christ the King Catholic School. Nill, or “Mr. Bob” as staff and students called him, was managing traffic as students were arriving when he saw the vehicle approaching. He reportedly told two boys, ages 7 and 11, to stop before pushing them out of the way and taking the force of the collision himself.

Nill was rushed to the University of Kansas Medical Center in critical condition, but was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

“He saved two of our students today,” King Catholic School Principal Cathy Fithian told reporters. “I'm confident they would not be here if [he] had not stepped in and we are thankful, we feel very blessed to have had him in our lives for five years. We just pray for his family at this time.”

The vehicle was described as a black sedan and Kansas City police are investigating the incident. Witnesses said the driver stopped at the scene and reportedly was cooperating with police.

“I offer my deepest sympathies to the family of the Crossing Guard, and I offer our gratitude on behalf of our residents for his selfless sacrifice in protecting our children,” Unified Government Mayor/CEO David Alvey told reporters.

The school held a prayer vigil in honor of Nill and his actions Tuesday.

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