A nine-year-old girl suffered injures after her hand got stuck in a treadmill in Malaysia.

The girl, who was not identified by local media, was playing with her siblings at their home in the state of Perak on Saturday afternoon when the ball they were playing with rolled under the treadmill.

When the girl attempted to remove the ball from there, one of her siblings accidentally turned the machine on, as a result of which, her hand got trapped in the equipment. The girl, who was in excruciating pain, started screaming for help.

Her family members called the local authorities who arrived at the home within 10 minutes and safely retracted her hand, World of Buzz reported.

Confirming the incident, a Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department of Perak spokesperson said, "We received a call about the incident at 12.54 p.m. on Saturday and one of our members from the Sitiawan Fire and Rescue Station rushed to the location. The firefighters managed to release the child’s trapped hand using a para tech tool and a screwdriver."

′′The victim suffered minor injuries to her hand and firefighters advised her parents to take the victim to the hospital for further treatment," the spokesperson told the publication.

The girl was reported to be recovering.

In a similar incident in Colorado, a 4-year-old girl sustained horrific injuries after her hands got stuck under the belt of the treadmill while her mother was walking on the machine. Maddie Taylor was rushed to a nearby hospital where she underwent a skin graft surgery. Speaking about how dangerous treadmills are, Angela Drelles, a pediatric nurse, said, "You end up getting a friction and a heat type injury, and that's why the injuries are so deep and so serious."

According to a study, children are most susceptible to get injured from treadmills. The machines are very dangerous as they can cause friction burns, blunt trauma, abrasions, and even amputations in some cases.

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