Actress Sally Field, famous for starring in “Forrest Gump” and “Norma Rae” was arrested on Friday in Washington D.C, according to TMZ.

Field was at the Capitol with fellow actress and activist, Jane Fonda, protesting climate change as part of Fonda’s “Fire Drill Fridays”.

The outlet reports that Fonda’s protests have been taking place for the past 10 weeks with many celebrities and “concerned citizens” rallying together with the hope of inspiring change within the government.

The “Fire Drill Friday” Twitter account posted Field’s speech.

“I have no notecards. I come with my heart and my voice. I am a mother, I am a grandmother. The time is now,” Field’s says while fellow protestors cheer. “We cannot sit back in our comfort zones, on our couches and wonder ‘what can we do?’ We can get out. We can do something, in the rain whatever it takes.”

Field credits her will to fight from playing the role of Norma Rae, where her character fought for better pay while working at a local textile mill.

The Twitter account also posted the video of Field being arrested near the steps of the Capitol. In the video, people show their support by clapping and cheering for the actress as cops take her away.

At press time it is not known how many people were arrested at this protest but it is known that leader Fonda was not.

It was reported that Fonda has been avoiding handcuffs because if she gets arrested for a fifth time —she currently has four arrests— it could potentially lead to jail time.

Other celebrities who have been arrested at one of Fonda’s protests include Paul Sheer from “The League,” Diane Lane from “Under the Tuscan Sun,” Ted Danson from “The Good Place” and Rosanna Arquette from “Pulp Fiction.”

Sally Field