• New "Prepare as NFT option" on Photoshop to offer digital artists foray into crypto
  • Adobe will partner with NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and SuperRare
  • Users on Behance, also by Adobe, can soon connect their crypto wallets to accounts

Adobe, one of the biggest software providers in the market, is now taking a step toward acknowledging NFTs. Adobe's popular image editing software Photoshop will soon have a new option titled "Prepare as NFT." This new feature was announced at the MAX conference held Oct. 26.

It seems that Adobe will provide its tools to digital artists who are looking to enter the world of NFT. There are a number of other updates too that will be introduced to the software.

Another major crypto-related update will be the option to add crypto wallets. On Behance, a famed social media platform operated by Adobe, artists will be able to add their crypto wallets to easily enable transactions of crypto and other digital tokens.

In the drive to become more crypto-friendly, Behance is also aiming to support blockchain networks like Solana, Tezos, and Flow.

The expansion of Adobe doesn't end here. Rather, this is just the beginning as the firm will also be partnering with some big players in NFT marketplaces with millions of NFTs. These include OpenSea, SuperRare, and KnowOrigin.

The integration of marketplaces will enable artists to showcase their NFT on these platforms, selling them at the best prices.

Adobe has introduced the "Content Authenticity Initiative" into the software in its creative suite, which aims to prevent "address misinformation through digital content provenance." The Initiative works by adding an additional "layer of verifiable trust to all types of digital content, starting with photo and video, through provenance and attribution solutions." It is intended to protect the rights of artists and their original works.

Another security feature unveiled at the conference was the integration of the Content Credentials. This includes the addition of crypto wallet addresses and social media as proof of ownership to the digital content that a person holds.

photoshop image editing Photoshop image editing Photo: Alexander Pahn/ Pixabay