National Geographic, the magazine from Washington-based National Geographic Society (NGS), in partnership with adventure travel company Mountain Travel Sobek is offering adventure trips to more than 60 destinations in the world.

The duo has developed unique, active itineraries in some most remote and spectacular places, including Alaska, Bhutan, Chile and Argentina, England, Italy, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, Spain, and Tanzania, National Geographic said in a statement.

“Each unique itinerary has something special to offer that makes the experience not just a trip through stunning scenery, but an authentic, unforgettable adventure,” Lynn Cutter, National Geographic’s senior vice president, Travel and Business Development, said.

The trips allows travelers to experience adventure of numerous forms, such as trekking across mountain ranges to archaeological wonders; kayaking into a glacier-carved wilderness; crossing an entire country on foot; or climbing a little-known route up one of the world’s highest peaks, the company said.

The program also offers exposure to various cultures as travelers are joined by local guides, from sherpas in Nepal to nomads in Mongolia, who share invaluable insights into their culture and their land, Cutter said, adding that, further highlights of the trips include visiting with Andean villagers, hiking to a remote monastery in Bhutan to meet with monks, or living among some of the world’s last hunter-gatherers in Tanzania, that would allow travelers experience local culture more.

Along with the blend of adventure and culture, National Geographic’s travel program keeps in account travelers’ comfort too. Each trip has a maximum of 16 travelers, allowing for stays in cozy inns, deluxe tented camps and mountain lodges that not able to accommodate larger groups, he added.