GenCorp’s Aerojet on Monday said it has launched the last STS-125 Spaced Shuttle Atlantis mission with its engines to service Hubble Space telescope and will be used for landing.

It is equipped with Orbital Maneuvering Engines, as well as gas generators supporting the Auxiliary Power Units, which was also used by the last Shuttle mission in 1981.

Providing the on-orbit propulsion for NASA to deploy and subsequently repair and upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope is something we are all proud of here at Aerojet, said Aerojet's Director of Business Development, Joe Cassady.

It is also the 126th Space Shuttle Atlantis flight from Kennedy Space Center .

The ship launched at 2:01 p.m. EDT today, with five spacewalkers for 11-day mission to make final servicing and repair services to the Hubble Space telescope, which was launched into orbit in 1990.

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