“After We Collided” is not hitting theaters on Oct. 2 in the U.S. The Voltage Pictures romance will now release in American cinemas on Oct. 23, and fans aren’t exactly thrilled.

Josephine Langford (Tessa), Hero Fiennes Tiffin (Hardin) and Dylan Sprouse (Trevor) released a video Tuesday that told fans about the changed release date. It seems the coronavirus pandemic is to blame since many theaters haven't opened yet. 

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“We know you can’t wait to see what comes next in Tessa and Hardin’s story, but we also want everyone to feel comfortable and safe seeing the film,” Fiennes Tiffin says.

The stars announced that Oct. 23 is the new release date. The movie will be in theaters and available via Video On Demand (VOD) platforms.

However, many other countries have the film already. It opened in the UK, Russia, Italy and more on Sept. 2, and it’s rolling out in Australia and Canada this week. That’s angering some American fans because they’re worried about the movie, which is a sequel to last year’s “After,” being completely spoiled.

“You guys say it’s so worth it but how is it supposed to be worth it when everyone [has] seen spoilers and the movie leaked online?” one fan asked on social media. “The whole experience is gonna be ruined for everyone because of the large gap of people who’ve seen it and people who haven’t.”

“This is so dumb, just release it on digital so people can watch it in their homes before the whole movie is spoiled online,” another complained.

Many just want to see “After We Collided” on VOD already. Obviously, a theatrical release typically makes more money. However, some commentators noted that two more sequels have already been given the green light, so they aren’t worried about the “AWC” box office. “After We Fell” and “After Ever Happy,” based on the third and fourth novels in Anna Todd’s “After” movie, were confirmed last week.

“Just release it on VOD for everyone, I don’t see how hard that is. Not like it’s dangerous to watch it in your own house,” one Twitter user commented.

“While I understand the delay due to COVID, it’s hard as a fan to you understand why we can’t have it on VOD on 10/2,” one fan wrote.

Several are already looking to illegally pirate the movie. The #AfterWeCollided Twitter tag is filled with fans asking for free download links and offering bootleg clips of the film.

Luckily, there are some “After” franchise viewers who understand the decision. “I dislike this, but I also completely understand. Thank you for taking everyone’s safety seriously! I think people forget we are still in a pandemic and some places are still figuring the mechanics of opening back up out. Y’all be safe!” one wrote.

“After We Collided” releases Oct. 23 in U.S. theaters and on VOD.

After We Collided "After We Collided" stars Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Tessa and Hardin. Photo: Voltage Pictures