Forest fires, which flared up quickly during a dry, windy weekend, have caused substantial damage to Slave Lake, Alberta and the surrounding area.

Forest fires destroyed about a third of Slave Lake, a northern Alberta town of 10,000 people, Reuters reported quoting media sources. There were no reports of injuries, but residents were under a mandatory evacuation order.

Wildfires that hit Canada's western province of Alberta over the weekend have ravaged Slave Lake, forcing the town to declare a state of emergency and issue a mandatory evacuation order for its 7,000 residents late Sunday, a Wall Street Journal report stated.

In a press release, the Alberta government said about 90 percent of residents have been safely evacuated, with only essential and firefighter staff remaining in the town. Three centers have been set up for evacuees.

Hundreds of buildings in the town, more than 100 miles north of Edmonton, are reported to have burned, including its town hall, radio station and library. There are no reports of injuries.

The government deployed 1,000 firefighters, 100 helicopters and 20 water bombers to battle the blaze. In addition, 200 more firefighters were expected to arrive from other Canadian provinces.

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