Ali Wentworth
Ali Wentworth is setting the Internet ablaze after locking lips with Mariska Hargitay of "Law & Order: SVU" on the red carpet of the Joyful Revolution Gala in New York City. Who is Ali Wentworth?

Actress and author Ali Wentworth is having her memoir, “Ali In Wonderland,” turned into a sitcom with a storyline that involves a character much like her real-life husband, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. described the show, which was given the go-ahead for a pilot by NBC, as “part fish-out-of-water, part love story about an impulsive, smart-mouthed young woman who is forced to move back to Washington, D.C. — and her domineering mother — for her husband’s new high-powered job.”

Details on who will play Wentworth’s sitcom husband are unknown, but Stephanopoulos sure qualifies as having a high-powered job, where he serves double duty on ABC News as the network’s chief political correspondent and co-anchor on “Good Morning America.”

Wentworth joked that her marriage to Stephanopoulos, who was former President Bill Clinton's communications adviser, and her life with her children is dull, in a February interview with the Huffington Post, to promote her memoir.

“Every night, me and our kids are in bed by 8:30. By the way, I'm not complaining. There's nothing glamorous about us at all,” Wentworth said. "I wear faded J.Crew pajamas every night. We fall asleep to a ‘Modern Family’ episode that we DVRed. So not exciting.”

NBC is banking on plenty of excitement from the new sitcom, which Wentworth will co-write along with Liz Tuccillo of “Sex And The City,” according to Bill Lawrence, the creator of ABC’s “Cougar Town,” is supervising the sitcom, the website reported.

Wentworth's life growing up in an affluent section of Washington, D.C., was an immense influence on her life. Her father, Eric Wentworth, was a political reporter for the Washington Post. Her mother, Mabel Wentworth, was a social secretary for then-First Lady Nancy Reagan.