• UFO expert Scott Waring claims to have spotted an alien ship in the photo of the aurora borealis
  • The photo was taken by the Expedition 13 crew of the International Space Station
  • Waring believes the alleged alien vessel was studying Earth from its atmosphere

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted an alien vessel in a photo of aurora borealis captured by NASA. The expert believes the alleged alien ship collecting information about Earth from its atmosphere.

The strange sighting was reported by Scott Waring of the UFO-centered blog ET Data Base. In a recent blog post, he reported seeing a strange object in a photo featured on NASA’s Human Spaceflight website.

The photo feature polar lights in Earth’s atmosphere. Details of the image indicate that it was taken by the Expedition 13 crew of the International Space Station. This mission was launched on March 30, 2006. One of its crew members, astronaut Marcos Pontes, became the first Brazilian to reach space due to the mission.

While looking at the photo, Waring saw a strange object near the upper portion of the aurora borealis. As noted by Waring, within the hazy green structure was a mysterious object that has an odd shape.

After analyzing the photo and using different image editing programs, Waring noted that the object in the photo has a solid structure. In a video he shared on his blog, he stated that the object has strange-arm like features, which could be the various sections of the alleged ship.

He believes that it was an alien vessel hovering in Earth’s atmosphere. As noted by Waring, the alien vessel was most likely studying Earth and its various features.

Waring believes that aside from humans, aliens that visit Earth are also interested in studying the planet’s other features and natural phenomena.

“The photo supposedly shows the aurora borealis in all its glory, however, it accidentally caught a large UFO in it,” he stated in a blog post. “The UFO was clearly inside the green area and was taking samples and taking readings from the Aurora. Aliens are interested in everything about Earth, not just the humans, not just the life forms, but all areas of our planet.”

Although Waring spotted the alleged alien vessel in a photo taken by NASA, the agency did not release a statement to confirm or address the UFO expert’s claims regarding the object.

Aurora Borealis
Photo taken by ISS' Expedition 13 crew. NASA