Everyone remembers the classic 2003 dance flick “Honey,” starring Jessica Alba as a music video choreographer named Honey who’s working to save her mother’s community center, but not everyone’s aware of the lesser-known sequels in the series. You read that right. Just like the “Step Up” and “Bring It On” franchises, there are quite a few “Honey” sequels for fans to enjoy, including the latest one, “Honey: Rise Up and Dance,” which was released on DVD and digital on Tuesday.

honey 2003 movie
Jessica Alba starred in “Honey” in 2003, which spawned a few sequels. Universal Pictures/Ava Gerlitz

To get you up-to-date on all things “Honey,” here are the three sequels you might’ve missed:

“Honey 2” (2011)

Eight years after the original came out, director Bille Woodruff returned to create “Honey 2,” which featured Kat Graham as the female lead. The “Vampire Diaries” star played Maria Ramirez, a talented dancer who gets a job working for Honey’s mother, Connie (returning star Lonette McKee), at the rec center where she used to take lessons. Though she’s supposed to lay low and simply do odd jobs at the building to stay out of trouble, Maria quickly realizes that she won’t be happy unless she’s dancing.

When she meets a dance crew, they need Maria as much as she needs them, so she joins the team with the hopes of entering a dance competition against her old crew. Along the way, she finds love with her teammate Brandon (Randy Wayne), of course, which leads the two to have a couple’s dance that doubles as one of the best scenes in the film.

“Honey 3: Dare to Dance” (2016)

Though there was not as big of a time gap between making the second and third as there was between the first and second, five years was still a little while for “Honey” fans to wait for this new installment. That said, returning director Woodruff made sure it was worth it and brought in some familiar faces within the world of dance and music. Taking on the lead role this time around was Cassie, who’s first major studio film project was another dance film sequel, “Step Up 2: The Streets,” in 2008. Viewers know her from that film, yes, but they also know the star for her career as a singer, too, which kicked off in 2006 with her debut single “Me & U.”

Aside from Cassie, the film also featured dancer Kenny Wormald, who starred in the “Center Stage” sequel and the “Footloose” remake, as well as Dena Kaplan, who played Abigail in Australia’s TV series “Dance Academy” and its recently-released film continuation.

Unlike the other two films, this one takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. American student Melea (Cassie), who grew up taking classes at Honey’s dance studio, steps away from her fancy school to put together a hip-hop Romeo and Juliet show. Drama between the cast members arises at every turn.

“Honey: Rise Up and Dance” (2018)

Clearly getting the hint that viewers wanted a new “Honey” film sooner rather than later, the Woodruff-directed fourth film, featuring Teyana Taylor as the female lead, came out on Tuesday, only a couple years after the last movie in the series. Taylor’s been in the dance and music world for a while now and even had a role in the “Stomp the Yard” sequel in 2010. However, after her breakout performance in Kanye West’s “FADE” music video, which premiered during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor is now at the forefront of the dance industry. Not only does she play the new “Honey” lead, but she is also set to star on the new season of BET’s dance drama “Hit the Floor.”

Taylor plays Skyler in this new flick, which follows her character as she competes against her sister Tosha (Sierra McClain) for a spot on a dance crew in order to try to win a college scholarship. While her sister’s formally trained, Skyler gets a little help from dancer Tyrell (Bryshere Y. Gray) to amp up her skills.