DC has always been known to get its television shows just right, given the surmounting praise awarded to “Arrow” over the years, on top of the rising acclaim "Titans" Season 2 has thus far garnered. Now with both Green Lantern series slated for HBO Max, in addition to a “Superman and Louis Lane” show headed to The CW, it only seems fitting the mercenary and assassin known as Deathstroke also get his own solo TV outing. After all, he is appearing in an animated series called “Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons” for the CW Seed, so it’s clear viewers simply can’t get enough of the DC villain.

WeGotThisCovered.com reports that DC is developing a Deathstroke spinoff based on Esai Morales’ version of the character. "Although it hasn’t been officially greenlit, the show is in early development and, from what we’ve heard, very likely to go ahead," the outlet reported on Thursday.

Longtime fans of the “Teen Titans” animated show, which aired from 2003 to 2006 on Cartoon Network, will likely remember the ferocity, cunning, and overall ruthlessness expended by the team’s most valiant foe. Deathstroke, AKA Slade Wilson, is considered to be one of—if not the—most versatile villains in the DC Universe. Not only has he easily killed Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Teen Titans in the comics, but he also took down the entire X-Men in a crossover event called “Marvel and DC Present the Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans.” It’s clear his abilities speak for themselves; ironic because he has no superhuman abilities to speak of, aside from immeasurable intelligence and a merc’s adversity.

Aside from a minor tease after the end credits of 2017’s “Justice League,” Wilson has rarely ever made it to the big screen, but his appearances on television are fairly common. In the CW’s “Arrow,” the character serves as a major plot point following his initial debut in Season 1, episode 13, “Betrayal,” despite being a total accident brought on by a random easter egg. Throughout Season 5, the character has been lending a helping hand and the actor, Manu Bennett, has hinted that his character doesn’t intend on killing Oliver.

In “Titans,” Deathstroke, played by Morales, serves as this second season’s main antagonist. With his own backstory and children being teased in the show, the villain offers a fundamental dichotomy of a family when juxtaposed with Dick Grayson’s team.

Though it’s unclear when fans can expect Deathstroke’s solo debut, given the fact that the show has yet to be greenlit, the finale for “Titans” Season 2 airs Friday night with some expected intensity.

Arrow Deathstroke
Slade Wilson will return in the “Arrow” Season 5 finale. The CW