All You Can Arcade
All You Can Arcade delivers cabinets to homes or offices. All You Can Arcade

All You Can Arcade, a new monthly subscription service that rents arcade cabinets of popular games from the '80s, is hoping to tap the market for nostalgic gamers. For a $75 per month fee, gamers can rent machines including such classic titles as “Donkey Kong” and “Ms. Pac Man” to play at home or the office -- and the machines are always set to "free play" -- eliminating the needs for quarters, the company says on its website.

The service right now is only available in California -- but Seth and Timothy Peterson, the two San Francisco Bay Area brothers who launched the venture last month -- are hoping to expand it to the East Coast later this year if the idea becomes a hit.

For those who don't want the expense of owning, maintaining and repairing their own arcade machines, All You Can Arcade could provide an easy, affordable way to turn back the clock. The brothers said that they've been collecting vintage arcade machines for years and restoring them to run and look as good as they did in their heyday.

Seth Peterson told the Associated Press that he and his brother search for bargains on the Internet and pay about $150-$200 for the games. He said that they have developed a knack for “getting them real quick, taking them home and then doing what we need to do to get them ready for our customers.”

Among popular titles that are available to rent include “Tetris,” “Millipede,” “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” “Heavy Barrel” and “Galaga.” The company's website said it offers “adventure, racing, sports, shooters and RPG games.”

Customers can find out which games are available in their zip code by checking the company's website. The company will drop off the arcade machines at homes or businesses.

The Peterson brothers said that response has been strong. "The response to our launch has been phenomenal and while we always knew that our service would be something that people would love, we’ve been blown away by the response to date," the brothers said in the blog. "Thank you to everyone who has tried out our service so far, it really does mean a lot to know that others are enjoying and sharing our games."