• UFO expert Scott Waring claimed to have spotted a UFO in a Google Earth image
  • The alleged UFO appeared to be flying over a beach in New Zealand
  • Some netizens commenting on a video regarding the sighting believe that the object in the photo was just a seagull or a drone

A UFO expert has claimed that an alleged alien vessel appeared in an image on Google Earth. According to details of the image, the alleged UFO was flying over a beach in New Zealand.

In a recent blog post, Scott Waring of the UFO-focused blog ET Data Base reported that one of his contacts sent him an image from Google Earth. It was a photo of a strange-looking object flying over a beach.

According to the details of the photo, the image was taken in St. Kilda Beach in the city of Dunedin in New Zealand.

After viewing the photo, Waring noted that the object had an irregular shape. He said that it had a metallic color and did not have features resembling those of ordinary objects such as a balloon or a drone.

Waring also said he believes that the propulsion of the alleged UFO is affecting the appearance of its immediate surroundings.

“The UFO looks like a fat disk, thicker in the upper and lower middle,” he stated in a blog post. “The object is metallic in color and has no wings and nothing to indicate that it might be a balloon, drone, plane or anything. The object is in extraordinary focus and the air around it seems to be warped as if its propulsion system is altering the air temperature or static.”

As indicated in his previous blog posts, Waring has always believed that aliens have bases located underwater. For the UFO expert, this is the main reason why many sightings occur near large bodies of water.

Although the exact nature of the object in the image from Google Earth Map is still unclear, some of the YouTube users who viewed Waring’s video on the strange sighting believe that it was just a seagull flying over the beach

One of the viewers commented that the seagull’s wings were moving downward when the photo was taken, which could explain the strange shape of the object. Some of the other viewers believe that the image in the photo was a drone that was flying over the water.

Google Earth Map Image from Google Earth Map Photo: Google Earth Map