• A UFO was spotted flying over a car in Calfornia
  • Video of the incident was accidentally captured by a motorist
  • A UFO expert believes the object came from an underwater alien base

A UFO expert claimed that an alien vessel was spotted hovering over a car in California. The expert believed that the alleged alien ship might have come from an underwater base.

The footage of the UFO sighting was accidentally captured by a man who was taking a video of himself while he was sitting inside his car. Details of the video revealed that the incident happened in Santa Clara, California.

The video was taken from an angle that shows the car’s sunroof. As the man was taking a video of himself, a strange object can be seen flying across the sky. It was captured on film due to the car’s open sunroof.

As seen in the clip, the object moved very fast and was only visible for a second. Based on the footage, the object has a flat and elongated body.

After watching the clip, Scott Waring of the UFO-centered blog ET Data Base noted that the object slightly resembled a cloud. However, its speed clearly indicated that it was not a natural feature of the sky.

Waring also noted that the mysterious object’s overall appearance is very similar to the other UFOs reported in previous sightings.

“Someone was recording themselves in the car and accidentally caught something white moving above him,” Waring explained in a blog post. “The object shoot across the sky and has a white cloud-like color, although its shape and speed is nothing like a cloud. The long shape and the reflective white surface of the craft reflect the details of many past UFO reports.”

Based on the appearance and movement of the object, Waring noted that it could be an alien vessel. The UFO expert also speculated that since Santa Clara is near a large body of water, which is the San Francisco Bay, it is possible that the object came from an underwater alien base.

“Also compounded with the fact that Santa Clara is connected to the ocean, it's highly probable that this UFO came from an underwater base not far away,” he stated. “There is a very high probability that this is a real UFO.”

A general view of the atmosphere during the FOX's "The X-Files" UFO sighting and premiere episode screening at The Grove in Los Angeles, Jan. 22, 2016. Tommaso Boddi/WireImage Via Getty